Late nightPharmacy Services within McKeevers

Late Night Chemist

We provide a Late Night Pharmacy in our Mill Street (On The Bridge) and Monaghan Street stores in Newry.They are open late Monday-Friday: 9am-10pm, Saturday: 9am-8pm and Sunday 9am-6pm.


Within McKeevers we dispense NHS and private prescriptions. We use a computer system within all our stores, therefore if you are always using our store your records will be on the computer history and will be found quickly and efficiently when you call the next time.


We provide a free delivery service within Newry, Armagh, Castlewellan, and Liverpool of prescriptions to patients who are housebound.

Travel Health Service

 If you have an upcoming trip you may require vaccines and/or antimalarials.  We can provide travel appointments in our Thomas Street, Armagh; Monaghan Street, Newry and Springfield Road, Belfast branches.  At your travel appointment we will carry out a risk assessment and can advise you on the requirements for your trip.  You may be able to receive vaccinations and antimalarials instore.  Please email for further information. 


Our chemist differs from many others as our Newry stores On the Bridge and Monaghan Street are open until 10pm on weeknights, open Saturday until 8pm and Sunday until 6pm. Therefore, we are available in emergency cases between 9am and 10pm. Outside these hours it is recommended to contact your local Out of Hours doctor.

Minor Ailments

The minor ailments service which can be availed of within our chemists is very beneficial as it saves both you and your GP precious time, as a local pharmacist can help you with your queries and problems. The pharmacist may be able to prescribe medication or carry out treatment on the minor condition, as our pharmacists are all trained in this department.

Over the Counter Medicines

We stock a wide range of Over the Counter medicines, from vitamins to diet supplements, in all our stores. Our trained staff are willing to help and advise when needed.

Unwanted Medicines

At McKeevers we are involved in a campaign which deals with the Disposal of Unwanted Medicines (DUMP). We would be grateful if you could return all unwanted medicines to us and we will dispose of them safely.


Within the store we have a wide range of foot care products, including our new Scholl footwear. Our pharmacists will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

Incontinence Supplies

We stock a wide range of these products; ask our pharmacists for help and advice on any of the products in complete confidentiality.

Nursing Homes

At McKeevers we currently supply stock to nursing homes in many different areas. We also offer, if needed, staff training on the stock as well as on storage directions.

Oxygen Therapy

If this is prescribed by your doctor then we will supply this to you and deliver new cylinders. We also supply nebulisers, inhalers and peak flow meters with guidance on how to use these.

Surgery Equipment

We have a range of equipment used by doctors, midwives and nurses in stock if required.

Child Proof Containers

All of our tablets and medicines come in child-resistant containers, to ensure complete safety.

First Aid

McKeevers have First Aid kits for homes, shops and workplaces within our stores.

Health Care Leaflets + Health Care Advice

There are leaflets within our shop on a wide range of topics, however if you can’t find what you are looking for, or want further insight please do not hesitate to ask our pharmacist.

Smoking Cessation

McKeevers can help you give up smoking through advice and support, which may include the use of Nicotine products which are in store.

Passport I.D photos

At McKeevers we supply passport and identification photos, taken by a trained member of staff, which can be ensured to meet the correct requirements.

Photo development including Digital Prints

Within the stores we offer photo development over 24hours, along with a Digital Development in each store, which can be used to print your photos from digital cameras. If you are unsure how to work this machine our staff are trained in this area and will be more than happy to help.

Medicine Use Reviews

An MUR involves carrying out a structured review of a patient's medicine to help them understand why they are taking a medicine, how they should take it and to talk through any side effects they may be experiencing.

The review should help patients to:

·         understand their therapy

·         identify any problems or side effects they are experiencing

 · find possible solutions to any problems


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